PETROTECH ME FZC has an enormous experience of operations in the field of oil & gas wells drilling, technical innovation & development and well controls operations.

PETROTECH ME FZC takes prides in its experienced management & people with domain knowledge of offshore & onshore drilling operations with firm commitment to safety.

PETROTECH ME FZC is having a professional and targeted approach for customer satisfaction and delivering seamless integrated services with clients worldwide. Our company has extensive resources in manpower & management.

We at PETROTECH ME FZC believe that it is impossible to achieve great performance without great people. Deploying our most promising people more effectively in critical decision areas reduces risk associated with deliverance. Work environment at PETROTECH ME FZC help create dynamic performance opportunities with a focus on what really matters to the business.



  • Drilling Rig Management Services;
  • Crewing / Manning;
  • Logistics Service;
  • Engineering Planning and Selection of the optimal technological solutions;
  • Remote Online control of the drilling process;
  • Real-Time Analysis of results and improvement of project parameters;
  • Shore backup of technical expertise on round the clock basis;
  • Project Management to customers specific requirements;
  • Catering Services
  • HSE

PETROTECH ME FZC experience working with projects in oil and gas suggests that while best practices and experienced talent are essential, they are not enough. Successful managers of project follow a collaborative, informed Decision support system that guides their decisions and processes. These include:

  • Formalized project phases and checkpoints.
  • Clear accountabilities within an integrated project team.
  • Checks and balances between central functions and project teams.
  • Continuous review to measure project value and monitor risk.


Project Evaluation

  • Determination of geological structure
  • Preliminary Design
  • Technical Specs
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Cost Estimate
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Agreement with Contractors

Project Planning

  • Detailed Design
  • Rig Selection
  • Procurement
  • Permitting
  • Sub-contractor selection
  • Program Optimization

Rig Mobilized

  • Suitable rigs with technical specification will be mobilized

Drilling Operation

  • Daily Reporting
  • Data Quality Control
  • Supervising
  • Forward Planning
  • Program Modification (if required)

Performance Review

  • Cost Reconciliation
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Well Completion Report
  • Lesson Learned


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